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Since the dawn of online casinos we have seen a huge surge in the popularity of bonuses. Both deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses have grown steadily, promising players a better chance of winning and less risk when playing. However, is it really the case that these bonuses give players the benefits that you may think you’ll get when you sign up. Is it really “free” money they are handing out or simply a trick to get more customers through their virtual doors and then have you depositing cash if you have signed up for a no deposit bonus or even spending far more cash if you’ve got yourself what would seem at first glance like a real money bonus on top of you hard cash deposit. 

So, here’s the deal in terms that are quite simply easy to get. No deposit bonuses and free spins offers and rarely worth anything, perhaps 1 in 100 offers will give you a genuine chance of being able to claim back real money from your freebie bonus. Even when you can get real cash it is likely to be extremely difficult to do so, and if you will have to meet what are often ridiculous wagering requirements to qualify. Often times the wagering requirements are practically impossible to meet and it’s just a total waste of time unless you are playing only for fun and don’t care about making a profit. If you want to make real cash you will simply have to deposit your own money.

Real Cash Bonuses?

Real cash bonuses will be added to your account only if you waste hundreds of pounds of your own money and you get admitted to the VIP club, or big loser club as it should be termed, i know, I’ve been there on various sites. Here when you rinse a big wad of cash you get an email in the morning or sometime throughout the next day which gives you genuine real cash that you can play with or even cash out. This isn’t done to make you feel better or even give you a chance of making some of your money back. It is simply there to get you back on their site and playing again. Many people think that they can go back online and use their bonus on their favourite slot game such as found on our site and that they will only spend their bonus cash and stop playing if they win big or when their money run out. This generally isn’t the case though and once they have hooked you back in you’ll find yourself playing for the big stakes again and perhaps losing money you can’t really afford to.

Deposit Bonuses – Are They Any Good?

You’ll find that most places have deposit bonuses, just keep in mind that often extremely strict wagering requirements are in place that make the bonus more of a hinderance to winning real cash than an advantage. There is one casino offering no bonuses to players so anything you win you keep and no silly wagering rules. This is simply called No Bonus Casino and we love it but unfortunately they haven’t got Ruby Slippers slot at the moment.bonuses

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