Slot Game Strategies

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There are a lot of articles on the internet which contain some so called slot game strategies, meant to convince you that you can somehow predict how the reels will land and win more money this way. Well, the truth is that those types of strategies don’t work and the experienced slot game players know that very well. The reason they don’t work is that the system online slot machines use is based on a random number generator which, as the name says it, generates some random numbers that make the reels stop after a spin. Each generated number is completely different from the others, meaning that every spin is different from the previous ones. Don’t get fooled by those who try to teach you how to win using some of those acclaimed strategies, because you will end up losing your money and not enjoying the online slot games at slot machines work

Don’t get too excited about the randomness of those numbers, thinking that if you’re lucky enough they will reward you more. The algorithm is set in a certain way so the casino is the big winner in the end. One thing you can do to take the advantage from the casino is to stop playing that game after a big win, because if you play it too long, you will lose your money for sure. Let’s take a look at the slot game strategies out there and see why they don’t really work, even if their creators claim the opposite.

The system of money management is one of the so called winning strategies some people want you to believe. The idea behind this strategy is to stop playing when you either won or lost a certain amount of money. For example, its creators say that you can play a slot game until your funds increased or decreased by 60%. They also say that you should stop playing if you had nine rounds without winning anything. Well, while it might sound like a good idea to play until you win 60% more of what you had could work if you wouldn’t lose anything in the process. If you lose all your funds from the first attempts, thinking that you will keep investing until you win the amount you want, then you might run out of money real quick. On the other hand, if you leave the game after you lost 60% of your funds, it would be better to stop playing at all, than to put the rest of your money in a different slot because you still lost, no matter what. You either lose those 60% or all your money.

Another popular strategy is called the zig zag system, which is the proof that you shouldn’t trust this type of methods. This system is based on the idea that each slot game has a pattern, so if you notice some symbols placed in a certain shape, this will tell you that there will be a win soon. Well, as I already said, this is not possible because of these games’ principle that generates random numbers and fully independent spins each time, so no matter what you saw in the previous spin, you can be sure that the following ones will not look the same or follow the same pattern. You can try this strategy while playing some slots for free and convince yourself that it doesn’t work.

What actually works, if you want to take control of your wins and loses, are some things you should consider next time you play slots. You can call them tips, as they are not really strategies. In order for you to not lose all your funds, try playing some slot games for free at first, learn how they work and understand the playing system. You will find a lot of funny slots out there, so you will enjoy playing the free slots for fun on When you decide that it’s time to play for real money, keep in mind that the main purpose of these games is still the fun. Don’t play large amounts and don’t get fooled by the idea of winning more than you lost, because this will create a chain reaction that will make you lose all you have. Don’t invest money you need for important things, because if you lose it you will feel so sorry, you will want to get money from somewhere else in order to get them back, which means that you might start to get addicted – in which case you should look to take some advice from sites like or Keep it simple, play for fun and when you think you lost too much, stop! You will not get your money back if you play more, because these games are made to give 70% to the casinos and 30% will split between all the players out there. And, believe me, there are a lot of people playing slot games throughout the world. So you better start playing some no deposit slots, have some fun and, if you really want it, you can try your luck from time to time. If you win some money, that’s a good thing, but if you don’t, at least you had some fun. It is like trying your luck with the lottery. You don’t see people selling their homes to play at the lottery, so you shouldn’t spend more than you have on slot games either. 

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