The Glass Slipper Slot

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Have you noticed, when logged into many bingo sites that there is a huge range of slot machines often offered to players at those sites? If you have and you have often been tempted to play a handful of those slot games then make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the range of slots designed by a company called Ash Gaming.

Ash Gaming have been around for quite a number of years now and whilst they do supply the software that makes many bingo sites tick, they also supply all of the bingo games and side games on offer at those sites too.

If you do fancy playing a very entertaining slot and one that is always going to give you a very fair and reasonable chance of winning big, irrespective of the stake levels you choose to play it for then make sure you give the Glass Sipper slot game some play time!

Below we have an overview of what makes the Ash Gaming designed Glass Slipper slot such a  popular and an often played bingo video slot, so see what you make of it by reading on then try and give it at the very least a little bit of play time soon!

20 Fixed Pay Lines – There are two main types of slot games you will find on offer at most bingo sites, there are those on which you can play around with and adjust the number of pay lines you can send into play per spin and those that you cannot alter and adjust the pay lines on!glass slipper slot gameplay screen shot

The Glass Slipper slot game is a Fixed Pay Line slot and as such whenever you do decide to play it online you are forced to have to play it with all 20 pay lines in play.

Progressive Jackpot – You may have noticed that there is a progressive jackpot that can be won when you are playing the Glass Slippers slot game and that is going to be awarded to you if and when you are ever lucky enough to have spun in all five of the Slipper Reel symbols.

The second highest paying reel symbols are the wild symbols which award a 5000 coin payout when five of them line up on any activated payline you have sent into play. Those wild symbols do not stand in for the jackpot symbols by the way!

Magic Free Spins – You will love the way in which the Magic Free Spin bonus feature round plays off but you will first need to spin in one of the bonus symbols on reels one, three and also five in any one single base game spin before that bonus game is triggered.

When you do so a set of free spins will start to play off but as the free pins are playing off a clock will be ticking down hour by hour, as soon as the clock strikes midnight then the free spins bonus game will end!

Fairy God Mother Feature – It is during the Magic Free spins bonus game that is mentioned above that the Fairy God Mother feature may suddenly kick in and spring to life and when it does the Fairy God Mother can actually turn back the hands on the clock which is ticking down as your free spins are playing off.

As such it is possible to get to play of a huge number of free spins as long as she does keep appearing during the free spins round and keeps on turning back the hands on the clock in fact when she appear repeatedly you could end up playing off as many as 50 free spins!

Grand Ball Feature – Whilst there are some huge amounts of cash that can be won when you are playing off your free spins as described above there is actually another feature that could be awarded to you at the end of that free spins bonus round.

That is the Grand Ball feature and when you play off your set of free spins if you do manage to get that feature awarded to you then you could win a cash bonus prize worth 1000 times the amount you wagered on the bonus game triggering spin!

94.50% Payout Percentage – Every slot game you can play at any of our featured online and mobile bingo sites will have been designed with its own unique long term expected payout percentage that each slot will be designed to play out with over the long term.

If you are wondering what the payout percentage the Glass Slipper slot game has been set to return to players then allow us to tell you it has been set at a fairly high and reasonable 94.50%, however when you do play this slot as it is random you could achieve a lower or much high single session RTP of course!

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