Action Packed Slot Machines

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If you think back to how slot machines used to be designed, it must have been quite boring back then playing simple three reel slots.

Players would be tasked with nothing more exciting that giving the arm on the side of the slot machines a yank and then sit there hoping a winning combination would line up on the one single pay line!

However, back in the 1970’s the very first video slot games started to appear, and they really did revolutionise the design of slot games, for instead of reels, players would see a video screen on which the reels were displayed.

Plus, no longer did they need to pull an arm they simply needed to click onto the spin button to send those video reels spinning!

Fast forward to today and you are going to find some of the most advanced video slots available, and they not only offer multiple different staking options but when playing some of them you could trigger lots of different bonus features and bonus games too.

You can of course choose to play video slots for real money and can play them online or on a mobile device, instead of having to travel to a brick and mortar land based casino!

Bigger and Better Payout Percentages

You will come across video slot games that can offer a fixed coin jackpot, but when playing those types of slot machines the more coins you wager per pay line the higher in value those fixed coin jackpots will become.

You will also find no shortages of progressive jackpots attached and on offer on quite a lot of video slot games too, and being multi denomination games you will not find that you are forced to have to play for very high stake amounts, unless of course you want too!

Low, medium and also some very high variance video slot games will become available to you no matter where you choose to play so always keep in mind each of those three different slot game playing structures can and will result in you having a completely different type of slot playing experience.slot machine

If you do not want to see your bankroll being eaten away far too quickly then aim to play low variance slots, as those types of video slot game will give you plenty of play time and you will spin in loads of smaller valued winning combinations.

The medium and much more so high variance slots will often deliver to you a boom or bust type of playing experience, so only play those types of slot games if you are aware of the risks and are prepared to accept the risks of playing like that!

However, one final thing to keep in mind if and when you do set about playing video slot machines is that each of them will have been designed to return a certain set payout percentage over the long term, and the higher the payout percentage then the better a slot game will play and pay.

It is important that you do familiarise yourself with the payout percentages any slot machines have on offer and have been set to return to players for there are some online that have been set as low as 80%!

Try and look for the slots offering payout percentages no lower than 96%, but with some hunting around you will find quite a number of video slots that have been set to return payout percentages as high as 99%, and they should be right at the top of your list of video slots to play of course!

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